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Wine Trivia 7
Wine Trivia

Wine Trivia 7:

1. Which of these wines would be considered Australia’s signature wine?

• Shiraz
• Zinfandel
• Pinot Grigio
• Cabernet Sauvignon

Australia’s most renowned grape is Shiraz, constituting 1/5 of all Australian grape production. These red wines tend to be saturated with deep berry flavors.

2. What percentage of wine is water?

• 70-75%
• 75-80%
• 80-85%
• 85-90%

80-85% of wine is composed of water

3. What country has the largest area of land dedicated to vineyards?

• Spain
• Italy
• Australia
• France

With 2.9 million acres, Spain has the largest area of land dedicated to vineyards.

4.A standard bottle of wine is 750mL. Do you know how many regular bottles a Salmanazar would hold?

• 4
• 6
• 8
• 12
• 14

At 9L, a Salmanazar can hold the content of 12 regular bottles of wine.

5. Who wrote, “Wine is bottled poetry”?

• Ernest Hemingway 
• Robert Louis Stevenson
• Benjamin Franklin
• Lord Byron

The famous Scottish poet, Robert Louis Stevenson, wrote, “ Wine is bottled poetry.”

6. Who said “Wine makes daily living easier, less hurried, with fewer tensions and more tolerance”

• Ernest Hemingway
• Robert Louis Stevenson
• Benjamin Franklin
• Lord Byron

Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the United States wrote, “Wine makes daily living easier, less hurried, with fewer tensions and more tolerance.” Maybe this means wine could bring us world peace?

7. Who coined Sauvignon Blanc with the alias of Fumé Blanc?

• Robert Mondavi
• Thomas Jefferson
• Dom Perignon

As California’s most popular wine next to Chardonnay, Fumé Blanc, better known as Sauvignon Blanc was given its alias Robert Mondavi.

8. What is the Whistler Tree?

• The world’s largest cork oak tree
• The tree planted in vineyards to keep animals and pests away from the crop
• The tree planted in vineyards that signals the start of the harvest as its first leaves drop

Located in the Alentejo region of Portugal, this tree is over 212 years old and has been producing the world’s best cork since 1820. Harvested every 9 years, it produces 10,000 corks for wine bottles.

9. California produces 89% of all American wine. What state is in second place in terms of overall wine production?

• Washington
• New York
• Oregon

At 3.7% of American wine production, New York produces over 26 million gallons of wine a year.

10.D o you know what a wine described as racey is?

• refreshing and crisp
• extremely tannic
• full bodied

A wine described as racey is particularly crisp and has noticeable levels of refreshing acidity. This term is particularly associated with Rieslings.

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