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80% of Argentina's wine comes from Mendoza, which is South America's largest wine producing region.  Australia is the 4th largest wine exporter.

During the French Revolution, merchants could be executed for selling sour wine.

Due to its dry climate, Spanish vineyards have quite a low yield of grapes.

France is the major importer of Port, where it is used as an aperitif.

France produces 1/5th of all wine made in the world.

The most densely planted vineyards in Spain are in the region of La Rioja.

There are apparently more than 60,000 registered California wine labels.

Grapes are the third biggest crop in Spain after cereals and olives.

 In ancient Egypt, commoners drank wine and the elite drank wine.

Brettanomyces is caused by yeast and can impart a mousey aroma on the wine. Some find this a fault; others find that it adds character.

Grape skins contain high levels of melatonin, explaining why red wine, which is fermented with grape skins, makes you sleepy.

A glass of white table wine has around 84 calories while a glass of red table wine has around 150 calories.

Every state in America has a winery.

An acre of prime Napa Valley vineyard went for $225,000 to $300,000 or more last year.

Grapes are the only fruit that produce proper nutrition for the yeast on its skin and sugar in its juice to ferment naturally.

Wineskins were animal skins cleaned, tanned and turned inside out to transport wine in the ancient world.

A wine that tastes watery or "dilute" may be due to grapes that were picked soon after a large rainstorm.

Corks were used as wine stoppers as early as 4000BC by the Egyptians.

The German word Gewürz translates to spicy, explaining where Gewürztraminer gets its name.

17g/L of sugar are necessary to convert into 1 degree of alcohol.

California produces 90% of all the wine made in the United States.

Sonoma County has around 60,000 acres of planted vineyards, while Napa Valley only has around 45,000!

 Around 60% of cork production is used for cork wine stoppers.

Cool climates produce grapes high in resveratrol, an anti-oxidant that protects the fruit from fungus and humans from high cholesterol.

Canada produces more ice wine than any other country in the world of which around 75% comes from Ontario,

The average life of a grape vine is 40 years. With no disease and temperate weather, grape vines can live over 100 years.

The age of the average French oak tree that is harvested for making wine barrels is 170 years.

Australia was the first country to have mandatory quality testing for their exported wines,

30 million gallons of wine were lost in the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake.

Over 20 million people visit California wine country each year.

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