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  Chef Ezio Gamba


Chef de Cuisine, Cioppino
The Ritz-Carlton, Key Biscayne

Italian cuisine has never been more simply beautiful than those dishes presented by Cioppino Chef de Cuisine Ezio Gamba. The Bergamo-native describes his style as classic contemporary with a twist, incorporating the finest ingredients from various exotic locales to create a menu that highlights the best of the various famed Italian gastronomic regions.

Growing up in a small farm village, Gamba expressed a culinary interest at an early age by helping his mother in the kitchen. Even as a small child, he incorporated his own flair into experimental new recipes. When away from the kitchen, Gamba watched a lot of American TV, aspiring to one day to cross the Atlantic and work in large kitchens.

After receiving his degree from the prestigious San Pellegrino hotel school, Ezio worked at various local restaurants in the Lombardy region. At age 21, he decided to pursue his childhood dream and headed out to Fresno, California to take on the American lifestyle and join his friend working at local casual Italian restaurant Il Forno. His talents quickly captured the attention of industry greats and by the age of 26, he moved to Las Vegas to take on the position of Executive Sous Chef at the renowned Valentino Las Vegas inside The Venetian Hotel. Here, he was mentored by James Beard Award-winning and fellow Bergamo-native Luciano Pelligrino and learned how to execute fine dining on a large scale.

Gamba then moved to Sacramento to oversee Il Fornaio, a more casual Italian restaurant chain. In the following years, he moved back and forth from various restaurants within Il Fornaio and the Valentino restaurant in Santa Monica. In between, the charming kitchens of Bergamo would beckon him home, where he sought out the latest ideas and trends from long-standing, authentic family-owned restaurants and incorporated them into his respective positions in the U.S.

Today, Gamba continues to make frequent trips back to Italy to further hone his craft and incorporate seasonal ingredients into an ever-changing menu that encourages his diners to expand their palates.

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