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  Chef Andrew Wiseheart, Wine Portfolio
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Growing up Andrew Wiseheart’s mom was a fixture in the family’s kitchen. When his dad took a turn at mixing things up for the family, Andrew was often the only one brave enough to try his dad’s creations. Today, Andrew credits those kitchen adventures with developing his affinity for unique eats with inspiring him to become a chef.

Andrew left his native San Angelo, TX to pursue formal culinary training at Le Cordon Bleu in Austin. Knowing the best training comes from kitchen experience, he moved west to Napa Valley. His time in Napa proved to be priceless, as he was able to gain experience at Ken Frank’s La Toque, which was honored with a Michelin Star during his tenure and later in life at Angèle Restaurant cooking French comfort food.

Craving another food journey, Andrew headed to Europe. During his stay in Italy, Andrew worked at Gilda, a restaurant in Modena, Italy. Going to great lengths to expand his culinary knowledge, he hitchhiked across Europe and upon reaching Slovenia; he began walking. He has taken two trips to Croatia, where he cooked for a family in exchange for rent and spent time making olive oil, doing masonry work and harvesting grapes. “All of my travels are food enthused, and revolve around the local markets and agriculture,” he says.

After various jobs in Europe and Napa, Andrew packed his bags and headed back to Texas in 2009 where he partnered up with Ben Edgerton to open Contigo Austin, the restaurant concept inspired by Contigo Ranch, a South Texas hunting destination owned by the Edgerton family. Ben and Andrew, childhood summer camp comrades, reconnected through restaurant industry friends after Andrew’s move south.

Now serving as part owner and executive chef at Contigo Austin, Andrew will be cooking up epicurean bar food, including Fried Quail Legs with hot wing sauce and Rabbit & Dumplings. The unique offerings available on Contigo Austin’s menu are a direct reflection of the complex palate Andrew developed over the years, a combination of tasting his father’s experiments and working in well respected Napa kitchens. Andrew has created a menu at Contigo Austin that combines his creativity and skill Texas roots and worldly travels.

Andrew is particularly excited to finally share his housemade charcuterie. In addition to creating the menu, Andrew is responsible for everything from maintaining the culinary vision for Contigo Austin to cooking on the line with his crew, no task is too small.

Andrew is continuously inspired by his family and girlfriend, Amber. When he’s not leading the kitchen of Contigo Austin, the South Austin resident enjoys what he calls “food stuff,” including gardening, pickling, curing and playing with recipes. Never losing sight of his Texas roots, he enjoys all facets of ranch work at C- Bar Ranch, the West Texas ranching destination on which he grew up and continues to serve as a muse for dishes on the menu.

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